The site has an implemented planning permission to build a Resource Recovery and Renewable Energy Production Facility. BH EnergyGap propose to develop this facility, which will represent a significant inward investment into Bradford and create long term sustainable employment.

Key Facts

  • It is proposed that the plant shall treat mixed commercial, industrial and municipal waste
  • A tried and tested advanced thermal treatment technology using gasification
  • Diversion from landfill of circa 90%
  • Electrical output 20 Megawatts
  • Site staff of circa 40 permanent positions
  • Construction period of around 2.5 years
  • Construction site staff skills: administration, construction, instrumentation,
 mechanical, electrical and civil engineering
  • The Potential for local heat and power users

With large amounts of waste arising in the local area, this facility provides the necessary infrastructure needed to support local businesses.


Site history

The site is situated in an industrial estate south of Bradford next to the railway line at East Bowling Industrial estate. The area has a long industrial history including glass manufacturing. The site has full planning permission for the construction and operation of the plant, which has been implemented, so is no longer subject to time constraints.

Project description

This facility will take commercial and industrial waste or similar waste types and sort and segregate materials such as metals, plastics and rubble and recover their value using the latest sorting technology like magnets and eddy currents, near infrared cameras and air jets. The residual material, known as Solid Recovered Fuel will be used to produce energy using Gasification, which is an advanced thermal treatment technology. The resulting gas will be used to produce electricity for export from the site. There is the possibility of the facility exporting heat as well. These activities will provide a sustainable alternative to landfill disposal, the use of fossil fuels and of raw materials.