How do we turn your waste into a resource?

We provide state of the art waste treatment solutions and we recover secondary materials and energy and return them back to the productive economy.

Waste Managers

BH EnergyGap provides a service and the necessary infrastructure to assist medium sized local and regional waste managers:

  • To find a long term home for the treatment of all your waste materials
  • To enable you to recover value from your waste, instead of landfilling it
  • To provide you with a competitive advantage
  • To help you reduce your business’s carbon footprint
  • To offer membership of a landfill avoidance scheme
  • To provide additional performance-related returns
  • To provide added benefits to help a waste manager’s business

Procurement Managers

BH EnergyGap can also be your local supplier of secondary materials such as metals, plastic, hardcore and energy. Substituting virgin materials with recovered materials enables procurement managers:

  • To obtain a competitive advantage
  • To provide you with potential reduced production costs
  • To provide you with an added marketing opportunity
  • To reduce your business carbon footprint