Many developers will claim that they are technology agnostic. BH EnergyGap is anything but technology agnostic, as this implies not caring about what actually gets built. BH EnergyGap is concerned that whatever technology is selected it has to be right for the job and give reliable performance over the life of the project. This means caring very much. BH EnergyGap pre-vets all proposed technologies for funder and operator approval. All the technologies being considered are proven, tried and tested, with appropriate reference plants in operation.

Reaching a definitive view on technology does not mean being inflexible, and BH EnergyGap works with its advisors and operators to ensure that the technology will work reliably with the waste stream being provided.

The technology sectors being considered by BH EnergyGap include:

Thermal Treatment

The most common method for extracting energy from waste, but can involve a range of different processes:

BH EnergyGap will update this page from time to time to bring the latest thinking on waste management and energy technologies.