BH EnergyGap is pleased to confirm that its Walsall project has fulfilled its CfD contract Milestone Requirements.

Low Carbon Contracts Company (‘LCCC’) last week announced that several projects have already fulfilled the Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) Milestone Requirement ahead of their Milestone Delivery Date (‘MDD’).

BH EnergyGap partner, Keith Riley commented, “the milestone requirement is challenging for smaller developers and require to be addressed early in the process to provide the Counterparty with the information it requires; we are very pleased to have overcome this significant hurdle and can now look forward to the project being delivered”.

When complete, the Walsall project will process up to 300,000 tonnes of mixed waste every year to produce a synthetic gas that will be used to generate up to 26MW of electricity.



The first round of Contract for Difference (CFD) allocation by Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to various power generating projects has just been announced in the UK. Round One sees 27 contracts worth £315 million allocated to deliver renewable energy across the country including new facilities for waste, wind and solar farms.

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