BH EnergyGap, a partnership established to improve resource use and renewable energy in the UK, has submitted a new Planning Application to develop a Resource Recovery and Renewable Energy Production Facility (the 3Rs) at Fryers Road, Birchills Leamore, Walsall.

The site already benefits from a number of existing planning consents, which enables waste recycling and energy recovery to take place. BH EnergyGap’s new Planning Application improves on these existing consents and creates a more comprehensive and viable development for the site.

As the cost of waste disposal continues to rise, there is ever more pressure on businesses to ensure their waste is properly recycled and processed and not sent directly to landfill. However, there is a real shortage of facilities to support the local business community in delivering best practise waste

The 3Rs facility, which will be named the WandE, will safely recover mixed recyclables and generate renewable energy from residual waste. Materials will be sorted and segregated to maximise their value. Materials such as metals, plastics and rubble for onward recycling will be processed using the latest sorting technology such as magnets, eddy currents, near infrared cameras and air jets. The residual material will be used to produce energy using advanced thermal treatment to produce electricity or potentially heat for export from the site. All activities will provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and primary materials.

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