New development proposals

1472_A4-Bulletin-v3-1-197x197Whilst this site already has planning permission for a waste recovery and combined heat & power plant, to enable the development of this site to be workable and viable, a new planning application will be submitted shortly to Walsall Council. Local residents and businesses were made aware of the proposals in 2012, which included a public exhibition in October. Since then the proposals has been developed further and there is now another opportunity to view and discuss the final plans before they are submitted to the Council.

Working towards a better solution

With a shortage of waste processing facilities in the region to treat and recover commercial and industrial waste, this facility is being developed to fill the gap. Without such facilities, waste is sent to landfill where it produces greenhouse gases and other contamination. BH EnergyGap has listened to the feedback received from the initial proposals last year and is now ready to submit the final Planning Application.

Key facts

  • Capacity – 300,000 tonnes per year
  • Export – circa 19 Megawatts of electricity enough to provide electricity, heat and power to more than 42,000 homes
  • Site staff – circa 50 permanent jobs
  • Potential local heat and power users
  • Construction project – circa 3 years
  • Construction staff – peak at circa 250, skills: construction, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering, instrumentation and administration
  • Building envelope includes offices, internal plant, extensive concrete structures, steel frame and walkways and machinery.

The application process

Our new planning application will be submitted April/May this year to Walsall MB Council. Details of the final proposals will be available on our website.

Project overview

This 3Rs facility (Resource Recovery and Renewable energy) will sort and segregate materials for recycling. The residual material will be used as a fuel to generate electricity or heat using advanced thermal treatment. The facility will be constructed in accordance with planning permission granted by Walsall Council and the required permits from the Environment Agency before start of operation.

The process

  • Waste material is delivered to the facility from local homes and businesses. It is weighed then unloaded inside the building
  • The material then passes through a series of electro-mechanical devices such as shredders and screens to separate out rubble and any unwanted material
  • Air separation equipment sorts out the light and heavy fractions
  • A magnet recovers ferrous metal
  • Aluminium is recovered with an eddy current separator
  • Throughout the process recyclables are sorted into hoppers before being baled, loaded and sent for onward recycling
  • The remaining material is now a prepared fuel, which is fed into a gasification unit
  • The fuel is heated in the gasifier and produces a syngas
  • The syngas is used to produce steam in a boiler, which uses a turbo-generator to produce electricity for export into the national grid and/or supply local district heating or power.

Local exhibition

An exhibition of the new proposals for the site will take place at:

THE MIRUS ACADEMY (Previously Frank Harrison Engineering College) Willenhall Lane entrance on:

Friday 12th April from 3pm – 7pm

Representatives from BH EnergyGap will be there to discuss the proposals for the site and also assist on any employment, contracting interests.

A digital version (Adobe PDF) can be downloaded from Intouch-2